Asura’s Wrath has always been considered one of Capcom’s more “interesting” action games.  This is the game where you control a vengeful demigod as he fights back against those who have betrayed him through remarkable cinematic sequences and quick-time events.  Those of us who have played the game already know he has yet to face an opponent that really challenges him.

With its latest downloadable content, however, Capcom might have finally given him a formidable opponent. 

Available now through both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, players can download the new Lost Episode 1 DLC, which introduces a familiar face that can be battled against – Ryu from the Street Fighter series.  What’s more, he also transforms into Evil Ryu over the course of the fight, making things even more interesting.

The DLC will only set you back $1.99 and will feature the dramatic encounter between the two in ways that you can only imagine.  If you haven’t downloaded any Asura’s Wrath DLC yet to continue the story, make sure you download this one.  Definitely worth the two bucks.