A screenshot of an anime-style Terry Bogard in Street Fighter 6.
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Street Fighter 6 Year 2 DLC Includes Surprise SNK Appearances and the Return of M Bison

The SF6 Year 2 DLC gets serious

Street Fighter fans knew from an earlier announcement that new Street Fighter 6 content would be unveiled during Summer Game Fest. Many even predicted the information would pertain to the second year of fighter DLC. While this turned out to be an accurate guess, no one could predict who those fighters would be—especially since half of them are crossover characters.

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In one of the latest Street Fighter 6 trailers, shown below, Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui of Fatal Fury join up with the new faces of the Street Fighter series Luke and Jamie. As Fatal Fury is an SNK property, this significantly marks the first time crossover characters will appear in a mainline Street Fighter title.

While SNK and Capcom characters have fought together in more recent games such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the last true Capcom and SNK crossover was in SVC: Card Fighters DS in 2006, which was, as the title suggests, a card game rather than a fighting game.

This huge announcement has gotten fans speculating over whether SNK’s own upcoming game, Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves, will feature some Street Fighter characters. There is nothing concrete at this point, however. The two characters announced for the game during Summer Game Fest were the returning B. Jenet and the newcomer Vox Reaper, who uses some moves of a previous character, Grant.

Terry and Mai aren’t the only characters to be part of Street Fighter 6’s Year 2 character DLC, though. Elena is also shown in the trailer. She is originally from Street Fighter 3: New Generation and returned in Street Fighter 4, but wasn’t included in Street Fighter 5. She dons an entirely new costume, although it wouldn’t be surprising if her Street Fighter 3 and 4 design returned as her Outfit 2. What’s less certain is if her frustrating healing mechanic will make a comeback.

Finally, a highly redesigned M. Bison makes his appearance at the end of the trailer. It will be interesting to see how his supposedly reverted death will be handled in the game’s story—and there won’t be long to wait. M. Bison will be available later this month, on June 26. The trailer also reveals the release windows for Terry (Autumn 2024), Elena (Spring 2025), and Mai (Winter 2025), in that order, but since “Winter” can refer to January or February (as was the case with Ed), there’s a solid chance Mai will be released before Elena.

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