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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin has 27 Job Classes

by Lucas White

Today, Square Enix’s Daisuke Inoue authored a post for the PlayStation Blog, going into detail about Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin’s job system. We’ve already seen a handful from the limited demos released, but it turns out that handful was more of a drop in a bucket. Inoue confirmed the final game will have a whopping 27 jobs on offer, ranging from familiar Final Fantasy classes to brand new ones created just for this game.

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Eight classes are shown off in the blog post, many of which haven’t been revealed yet. Only one, Thief, has been shown before. Also, three of those eight are totally new jobs. Those new jobs are Breaker, Tyrant and Void Knight. The other jobs listed are Sage, Dark Knight, Paladin, Ninja and Thief. All the classic jobs will be familiar to Final Fantasy fans, but they have their own Stranger of Paradise flavor.

You can get the full details from Inoue in the blog, but here are some brief descriptors for each job:

  • Breaker: Uses the famous Zantetsuken sword, possessed by Odin in Stranger of Paradise. High risk, high reward that includes one-hit kills.
  • Void Knight: Can guard against magic attacks, then use a unique counter attack or absorb the MP.
  • Tyrant: This seems to be a Monk-like melee class that lets the player assign elemental properties to their normal attacks.
  • Sage: Just like in the original Final Fantasy, Sage is a beefed up Red Mage that can use Black and White magic. 
  • Dark Knight: Pretty much in line with what you’d expect here. Glass cannon!
  • Paladin: Absorbs HP with attacks, and deals extra damage with full HP.
  • Ninja: Uses consumable tools instead of MP. 
  • Thief: Steals certain abilities from enemies, increases drop rate and has a sick one-handed powerbomb finisher. Not the typical Final Fantasy Thief, that’s for sure.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is coming to everything but Switch on March 18, 2022.

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