Square Enix had its Tokyo Game Show 2021 presentation this morning, part of which showcased new information and footage for its upcoming Soulslike action-RPG, Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. This game is now set to launch on March 22, 2022 for consoles and PC, with the PS4 version featuring a free update when played on a PS5. The Xbox version supports Smart Delivery and the PC version will be launched first on the Epic Games Store.

In addition to the new information, a new demo for Stranger of Paradise has been released for both the PlayStation and Xbox platforms. The “Trial Version 2” demo is available right now and will be playable until October 11, 2021. This new demo is an expansion on the first demo, with new Jobs, enemies and a new area that wasn’t present before. Players will also meet a new character. It also includes multiplayer, which is freely available for the trial’s duration.

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