As reported by outlets like IGN, Valve recently shared a post on Steam touching upon the status of the Steam Deck. According to Valve, the Steam Deck is in its “final stages of development” and perhaps even more exciting, Valve noted that Steam Deck dev-kits are ready to start being sent out.

Steam Deck in Final Stages of Development According to Valve

We’re inching closer and closer to getting our hands on the highly anticipated Steam Deck. While it’s been relatively quiet following the initial pre-order buzz, Valve shared fresh information about the Steam Deck’s progress.

Notably, that it’s in its final stages of development. 

Not only that, but dev-kits are ready to start being sent out to select partners, allowing them to test out their games on the Steam Deck. Speaking on the matter, the post from Valve reads:

“All packaged up and ready for devs! This is one of the limited batches of Steam Deck dev-kits heading out today for partners to test their games. These engineering verification test builds allow us to connect developers with units that are functionally identical to what will ship to you.

Since we are still in the final stages of development, the dev-kit program gives us the chance to guide game developers through the process of getting their games on Steam Deck while also continuing to gather their feedback as we prepare for the official launch at the end of the year.

Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots of developer units getting their last few updates before making their way out the door.”

The post includes images of the Steam Deck, carrying case, and shipping boxes with “Valve” on them, all confirming that these Steam Deck dev-kits are indeed ready to start being sent out.

Which is exciting, not only for those that receive them, but for those that pre-ordered the Steam Deck as well. Valve mentions the Steam Deck’s launch at the end of the year, and based on this post, it sounds like they’re definitely on track for said launch.

Plus, any progress is good progress.

Now that you’re caught up on the status of the Steam Deck, we’re curious to hear your thoughts on where Valve is at. Are you excited to hear dev-kits are being sent out? What games do you want to see running on the Steam Deck?

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