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Stat-Changing Moves Are Go For Pokemon Go This Weekend

by Prima Games Staff

Attacks and moves that change Pokemon stats will finally be added to Pokemon Go in tomorrow’s February Community Day update. Read on to find out about the stat-changing moves in Pokemon Go.

The first three moves to feature a Pokemon battle staple will only be available in PVP matches to begin with. But developer Niantic made it clear that this was part of an ongoing effort to bring all types of attacks to the mobile game from its main series siblings.

The three stat-changing moves – Ancient Power, Ominous Wind and Silver Wind – are all boosts for the user’s Pokemon and have a chance to raise their Attack and Defense. They are also Charge Attacks and only have a chance of altering stats until the user’s Pokemon faints or gets switched out of battle.

Tomorrow’s Community Day event will also unlock Shiny Swinubs and Mammoswine to be collected, the latter of which will learn Ancient Power if evolved from Piloswine during the Community Day event hours. So you can get stat-boosting right away if you’re lucky!

Stat boosts are a welcome addition to a version of Pokemon that isn’t quite in line with the main game yet, even after several years. It’s hoped that status effects and other more complex move types will soon make it into the game so we can become the Pokemon trainers we always wanted to be.

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