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Starfield Launch Version Raises Hopes for Extremely Polished Release

Bugs? Not here!

Typically, when we see version numbers for a newly-launched game, we’ll see ones like “1.0” or “1.1”, indicating how far it is along the development pipeline. As pointed out in a Starfield Reddit thread, the same could be said for Fallout 4 and Skyrim, each marked as versions and, respectively. Compared to Starfield’s current version number before launch,, this suggests it’s been through significant testing throughout its lifespan.

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Looking back at Starfield’s teaser trailers in 2021, the game’s original launch date was November 2022 before being delayed to September 2023. With ten extra months to develop and polish the game, it seems the team didn’t cut corners with updating, as a game version suggests a series of QA testing and tweaking.

Starfield Version Number
Starfield’s version number may indicate a polished experience! | Screenshot via Starfield Game Pass Store Page (click to enlarge)

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Considering Starfield is expected to be the least buggy game of any Bethesda game, it’s reassuring that this claim may bear fruit. As Reddit users Vistaer and Reasonabledwarf point out in the original Reddit post, this high preload version compared to Fallout 4 and Skyrim’s 1.1.x launch versions help support the idea that Starfield has experienced extensive testing in the past several months.

As we approach Starfield’s September 6, 2023, launch date, a question continues circulating over whether Starfield will experience another delay to iron out more bugs or deal with any emergencies that may strike. With the game less than three weeks from its official release and seemingly being very polished, we can remain optimistic that this date will stay true. Only time will tell, but at the very least, we can anticipate a polished game with relatively few major bugs.

If you feel even more excited about playing the game after hearing how polished it may be, be sure to check whether you can play Starfield on your Steam Deck as we approach its release next month.

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