Starfield Fans Reactions To New Imagine Dragons Song Are Rather Radioactive

Fans will either want headphones or ear plugs for this one.

Imagine Dragons have been around for a pretty fair amount of time, dropping some generally entertaining, if not extremely basic, music for folks to get excited about. Dropping stadium song after stadium song, their catchy hooks and slightly generic overall tones aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. With the release of Starfield right around the corner, it seems that Bethesda and Imagine Dragons have partnered up to release a new song in anticipation of the largest space-faring adventure of the year, and the reactions are rather mixed.

Tweet via X user @DreadedDripp in response to the new Starfield/Imagine Dragons Song

While I’m excited about the upcoming RPG from Bethesda Softworks, I can’t really say I’m personally in the same boat about the song. Following the standard Imagine Dragons loop, it isn’t my favorite track to release in the past few weeks. Some fans are up in arms about the collaboration, making sure to exclaim their lack of enjoyment on Reddit.

However, not every response to the new track has been negative. Plenty of users on X (formerly known as Twitter) are quite enjoying the song and are eager to get it added to their playlists. As with any marketing involving music, there will be a wide variety of “takes” from folks on social media platforms, from those who love everything that the song evokes to those who think Imagine Dragons should be nowhere near the marketing efforts for Starfield.

After giving it a listen, I think it’s nothing offensive to the ears, but it’s nothing especially fantastic either. It’s an Imagine Dragons song, through and through. However, the inclusion of the Starfield score is impressive and helps lend a sense of looming excitement to the upcoming RPG, even if I would have rather had a different band help with the marketing. At least it isn’t Ed Sheeran like it was at the end of the latest Pokemon games, so that’s an extra step in the right direction.

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