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Star Wars Trench Run Recreated With Oculus Rift

by Prima Games Staff

We’ve seen plenty of good tech demos for the Oculus Rift over the past few months, including a stunning run-through of Mirror’s Edge that left us with a bit of vertigo. Today, developer Boone Calhoun presented the latest must-see clip – a virtual recreation of the trench run from the 1977 movie Star Wars: A New Hope. We’ve included the video below, though it’s clearly not the same as seeing it through an actual Oculus headset.

With the demo, users are able to look around the cockpit, as Luke Skywalker did in his original X-Wing, while companion robot R2-D2 chirps in the background.

Don’t expect this demo to be released as a playable game, sadly. That’s not to say Electronic Arts won’t produce something for the Oculus Rift down the road.

The Oculus Rift is expected to release at retail in 2014.

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