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Star Wars: Hunters From Zynga To Release In 2021

by Morgan Shaver

During the Nintendo Direct on February 17, a short but undeniably interesting announcement was made for a new Star Wars game.

In the trailer, the vibe of a “Battle Royale but make it Star Wars” can be felt and based on the official description for the game that’s been provided… that’s pretty much what it is.

Star Wars: Hunters From Zynga To Release In 2021

In the announcement trailer for Star Wars: Hunters, the description reads: 

“Get ready for an all-new squad-based, free-to-play arena combat game when Star Wars: Hunters comes to Nintendo Switch in 2021.”

That, plus the short trailer that shows very little, is all we have to go on when it comes to Star Wars: Hunters. Well, that plus the screen at the end of the trailer which shows that FarmVille developer Zynga is working on the project along with NaturalMotion whose parent company is Zynga.

So basically yes, the game is being developed by Zynga with the blessing of Lucasfilms. The description along with the trailer that appears to show different character builds is interesting in relation to the game being a F2P squad-based arena combat game.

Will it be along the lines of Fortnite but make it Star Wars? We’ve already seen a Star Wars crossover with Fortnite. Or, will it be something else entirely? We’re curious to learn more about the project in the future, especially if the game is to release sometime later this year.

In the meantime, we want to hear your thoughts. What do you think of the Star Wars: Hunters announcement? How do you feel about Zynga being behind the game’s development? Let us know on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter! 

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