Star Fox Developer is Sure the Series Isn’t Dead Yet

But will it capture the feel of the original game?

Star Fox

One of the main developers who worked on the original Star Fox game has stated that the series isn’t completely gone yet and might return soon. This happened in an interview that VGC had with the developer in which the question about the subject came up. The developer also talked about what made the original so good compared to future entries in the series.

Dylan Cuthbert from Argonaut Games recently talked with VGC about Star Fox and the question about whether the game series could make a return came up. The developer stated that he did think that the series could return but he also stressed that previous Star Fox games didn’t manage to capture the “feel” of the first game.

By that concept, the developer means that the original game was “born out of the UK Amiga-style 3D at the time” and had “all the Nintendo character building, all the characters and stuff.” The developer then stated that future entries in the Star Fox series missed at least one of these elements, meaning that they couldn’t recapture the feel of the original game.

The developer holds the firm belief that Star Fox is a complex title because of the elements in it and that it builds the atmosphere it needs to make it work. Whether the next entry in the series manages to capture this “feel” is up in the air, but at least some players still have something to look forward to if this developer’s words are true.

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