EA Sports’ SSX, the latest addition to its ongoing snowboarding series, has been a real romp since its release earlier this year, and the company is rolling out a series of incentives to keep players intrigued.

First off, it’s now available at a lower price, as EA Sports has slashed it down $20 to make it a very likable $39.99.  That’s a deal that’s hard to pass up, folks.

In addition, the company has provided a free title update that’s available now, one that adds two new modes to the game.  The first is a Freeride mode, where you can take on the slopes without worrying about a mountain-size amount of objectives.  The second, 3-2-1 Go!, is a racing mode where five riders compete against one another in a series of Trick It! and Race It! heats.  We’ll give both of these a try very soon.

But perhaps the most intriguing addition is yet to come.  A new teaser trailer from EA Sports indicates that competitive online multiplayer could be added to the game very soon.  These days, the only way to compete with players is through leaderboards – so this would obviously be a welcome addition.

So what are you waiting for?!  Hit the slopes already!