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SSX Now Backward Compatible With Xbox One

by Prima Games Staff

Microsoft continues to expand its backward compatible library for Xbox One at an epic rate, and now it’s added a fun sports favorite that fans will love – SSX.

Initially released in 2012, this modern take on the snowboarding series offers a number of fresh challenges – including the Deadly Descents, courses loaded with dangers that could easily put an end to your run. In addition, it also has a customizable music system, online leaderboards to see who has the best racing times, and plenty of trick-based gameplay, including all the spins and flips you SSX junkies can handle.

In addition, you can also unlock plenty of sweet gear in the game, including armor, oxygen masks (you’ll need them for the higher-up mountains) and wing suits, as well as other boards and riders to unlock.

Think you’re up to the challenge? Check out SSX and shred hard!

Want more snowboarding action? Check out this SSX Elise Riggs trailer, as well as this look at the SSX action on the Patagonia slopes.

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