Nintendo 3DS owners certainly love what their augmented reality can do with the system's ability to scan AR cards.  These cards generate real-time 3D images onto the screen once they’re activated, making them a neat little side feature in many Nintendo 3DS games including Nintendo’s own Kid Icarus: Uprising.  Now it’s Square Enix’s turn.

The company has announced a new pre-order program for its forthcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D, coming out this summer on Nintendo 3DS.  The pre-order program offers a selection of AR cards that will allow a look at 3D images of characters from the game.  

The R & R Seal Death Eater and Dream Eater images, as well as characters like Ursa Circus, Sudo Neku and Meowjesty can then be recruited to join up with you in fights throughout the game.  There is a purpose to these AR models besides just looking purdy!

Look for more in-depth coverage of Kingdom Hearts 3D leading up to the game’s release this July!