During the Square Enix Presents event today, two new releases in the Final Fantasy library were revealed. There were some leaks hinting at these releases, but the reveals contained plenty of new information. First up is a “Soulslike” take on the original Final Fantasy story called Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. Second is a set of “Pixel Remaster” remakes of the first six Final Fantasy games.

Stranger of Paradise got the full reveal treatment, showing us a Final Fantasy-flavored Soulslike that seems to be based on the original game. A group of heroes, the lead of which is very angry, are battling monsters and hunting down Chaos. The trio encounters Garland of “I’ll knock you all down” fame, solidifying the “Origin” part of the title. A demo version for PlayStation 5 is available today, and the final game is set for a 2022 release for PlayStation, PC and Xbox platforms.

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The Pixel Remaster series appears to be a set of Final Fantasy remakes under a unified style, with all six 2D-era games sporting similar assets in terms of color, scale and shape without compromising the respective titles’ identities. This is the first time we’ll see a localization of a 2D version of Final Fantasy III, which is notable. So far Square Enix has stated these games will be sold individually for Steam and Mobile platforms, with no mention of consoles.

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