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Square Enix Announces Several Dragon Quest Titles, Including Dragon Quest 12

by Lucas White

Overnight, at least for folks like me on the east coast, Square Enix held a livestream event to celebrate 35 years of Dragon Quest. For the first time, an official Japanese Dragon Quest stream announcing new titles was aired with language interpreters. The next major Dragon Quest title was revealed, along with a handful of smaller titles.

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Revealed at the end, the “main event” of sorts was Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate. Series creator Yuji Horii noted a few new approaches for this one, noting it’ll be darker in tone and the “command battle” system will be changed.

Probably the second-biggest announcement was a Dragon Quest III remake. This game has been remade several times over the years, and is often regarded as the most famous entry in the series. This remake is being built with the “HD-2D” platform used for games like Octopath Traveler. Horii seemed to imply the team intends to follow this up with a similar remake of the first two games.

A third new game, Dragon Quest Treasures was revealed as well, which appears to be a Zelda-inspired adventure game. The stars are Erik and his sister from Dragon Quest XII, when they were kids. Art for these characters was shown a few years ago, supposedly tied to a new Dragon Quest Monsters. Horii stated this is not the case, although a new Monsters is still in development.

Those three games were also confirmed for worldwide release during the stream. Horii noted that Square Enix is now aiming for a simultaneous worldwide release, which is a new move for Dragon Quest. Three other games were also revealed: Dragon Quest X Offline, a non-MMO adaptation of that game with a new art style. Of course the new upcoming updates for normal X were announced, as well as a new mobile puzzle game with a pencil eraser theme.

During the stream it was once again confirmed there are no plans for a worldwide release for Dragon Quest X. However, there was no confirmation either way for the Offline version or the mobile game.

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