An official Final Fantasy 7 PC website has popped up with the announcement that the game is “coming soon”.

There’s been rumor and speculation on a remake of the game coming to PC since a “leak” appeared to show a list of details for Steam. While the alleged leak mentioned new features in keeping with the recent Steam-related report Square Enix has quite plainly denied the game will be coming to Steam, instead being a Square Enix store exclusive.

Final Fantasy 7 was released for Windows back in 1997 but was plagued with bugs of various sorts and featured Yamaha XG Soft Synthesizer rehashes of the original music fans considered a disappointment. Running FF7 on current hardware setups is also considered a massive challenge, indeed even at the time it was difficult to get working on various systems due to it being developed with a relatively specific setup in mind.

The Final Fantasy 7 PC website is currently suffering some pretty major server issues, which stands testament to how dedicated the game’s fanbase is. If you do manage a look on there, you’ll find news of 36 new achievements to earn and an online profile to share with friends. Something called a Character Booster will raise your HP, MP and Gil in case you run out, all with the click of a button. Cloud saves (yes, cloud saves) will be possible.

The game, also listed here, will be optimized for modern day PCs, though the extent of what this means is unknown. What we can guess from the trailers and the lack of fuss around the graphics is that it hasn’t had a significant graphical upheaval, at least not to the point of earning the title of “full HD remake” or similar.