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Square Enix Announces E3 2019 Conference

by Liana Ruppert

Square Enix is in the E3 spirit and ready to show off some of the incredible projects they’ve got in the works! We know they have an Avengers game up their sleeves and a highly anticipated remake with Final Fantasy VII, so a lot of eyes are on the company for this year’s festivities, which the company just announced when they will be hosting their biggest reveals: 

Mark those calendars, because the celebration officially begins on June 10 at 6PM. 

Many Cloud fans are hoping for particular news about the Final Fantasy VII remake, especially since it has definitely been a long and arduous road throughout development. From rumors of cancellation, to team shifts – even creative differences – the path of seeing a fan favorite once more hasn’t been easy. Now that Kingdom Hearts III has wrapped, the focus can once more return to this highly anticipated project. That, and the illusive Avengers Project has been a huge center of interest for the gaming community. 

Square Enix has said in the past few months that they have some “major” announcements on the horizon, and E3 is the perfect place to unload at least some of them. 

2019 is absolutely off to a strong start and it’s incredible to see that momentum continue. Personally, I’ve been begging for any type of news regarding the Final Fantasy VII project. The original game is one of those titles that I will always return to because it feels like home and I can’t wait to see that in current-gen graphics with additional plot additions.

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