The people who brought you Brink have announced their next game: Rad Soldiers.

It’s a free-to-play, turn-based multiplayer strategy game with some rather snazzy-looking cartoon graphics. It’s designed to play on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and will be hitting the iTunes store in June.

Rad Soldiers follows a bunch of mercenaries fighting for control of London. Players are tasked to create a squad of collectible mercs, customize their weapons, outfits and abilities and go into battle with AI or friends. Don’t forget to check the trailer below.

"Turn-based combat means there's no rush, allowing you to ponder your next move at your leisure, and giving you ample time to unleash your inner tactical genius," Richard Jolly, game director stated. "And you'll earn valuable experience for your soldiers whenever you play, leveling up your squad commander to unlock new abilities."

Splash Damage head honcho says: "You'll also earn coins while you play and use them to unlock brand new soldiers, customization options and equipment in the ever expanding in-game store, and use Game Center and Facebook to connect with friends and make new ones."

There are plans to release a lot of updates for the game including maps, soldiers, weapons and abilities once the game has launched. Splash Damage have been busy setting up a new British publisher named WarChest, who’ll be focusing on free, digitally-distributed games. Here we’re seeing its first effort.

The devs aren’t just focusing on free, portable games though, no; Splash Damage are currently in the process of making several new games for other publsihers, one of which is a “triple-A-PC exclusive” whilst another is “planned for consoles”.