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Spinal Trailer with Fulgore Coming Next Week

by Bryan Dawson

Yesterday on Microsoft’s weekly Killer Instinct live-stream, a number of gameplay details were revealed about the upcoming addition to the character roster, Spinal. We’ll have a full write-up on Spinal’s gameplay details, including play styles and strategy for the character next week, but that’s not the only thing KI fans can look forward to in the coming week.

While the developers have previously stated that Spinal will be available in January, comments made during the stream yesterday indicate they may be cutting it close. When asked whether or not fans would be able to play as Spinal before the stream next week, the response indicated this may not be likely. The weekly stream occurs every Thursday, meaning it’s likely KI owners won’t be playing as Spinal until Friday, January 31 at the earliest.

However, the developers also confirmed that Fulgore would make an appearance at the end of Spinal’s gameplay trailer, which should hit sometime before the stream next week. Releasing alongside Spinal, players will be getting Spinal’s stage and unique music track, as well as a patch to punish rage quitters in Killer Instinct’s online ranked match system.