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Space Hulk Will Challenge Players

by Prima Games Staff

Full Control CEO Thomas Hentschel Lund promises that the upcoming Space Hulk will prove quite the challenge.  The game will match the claustrophobic atmosphere of the classic Warhammer 40k board game.

“It’s a challenging game,” Lund said to Eurogamer. “We really want to keep that. We want to reach that old, hardcore feeling of beating the game. Too many games these days are like rail movies, in my opinion. This is one of those challenging games that you just want to keep trying until you beat it.”

“That’s part of the fun of playing it. You have to crack the nut of what tactics work. You have to be a little bit lucky. And you have to execute your plan,” he added. “But since the AI also knows what you have to do, it’s going to try to ruin it for you, and you have to react. The core rules are simple, but there are a lot of tactical options.”

Full Motion is targeting an Autumn 2013 release window for PC, Mac and iPad players can play against PC players.  Expect 12 missions based on the third edition of the board game campaign, called The Sin of Damnation. 

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