Sorry Rats, Water Will No Longer Hide You in MW3 and Warzone

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Water Modern Warfare 3
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Water in Modern Warfare 3 and the next season of Warzone will be much clearer than in MW2. After months of dealing with water that is incredibly murky and is one of the best to escape danger, Sledgehammer Games has changed water so that there is nearly perfect visibility when you go beneath the surface.

During the COD Next 2023 event, streamers such as Scump, JoeWo, and Repullze have been trying out Modern Warfare 3 for the first time on a livestream. Warzone was also included with the new Urzikstan map, and that’s where players like Repullze have realized just how clear the water is now.

When you dive, there is nearly perfect visibility, and even the surface allows you to see where an enemy is headed next. In MW2, seeing players underwater was difficult at the best of times, so this will be a welcome change for most of the player base. However, there are still some secondary issues.

Primary weapons can’t be used in Modern Warfare 3 either, so if you plan on jumping beneath the surface, bring a knife or a pistol. Otherwise, you’re going to feel just as bad as before. The only difference is that movement is faster, and you won’t feel as sluggish when you go in and out of the water.

On top of the faster movement, Lightweight Boots can be equipped to swim faster in general. This won’t be a huge help on the MW3 maps, but Urzikstan appears to have more chances for fighting underwater. At least this time, you can see what you’re shooting at instead of a dark blob hidden behind murky water.

Water isn’t the only change on the way. Learn how slide canceling will be adjusted in Modern Warfare 3 as well.

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