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Sony Whittles Down PS4 Development List From 50+ To 28

by Prima Games Staff

Last week, during its stellar PlayStation 4 presentation, Sony revealed a huge page of developers that were on board for the system, though no specific projects, aside from what was shown at the event, were revealed.  But today, Sony did a little cutting and indicated that its development roster wasn’t quite so large.

A newly revised list has revealed that only about 28 developers are officially on board with PlayStation 4 development, down quite a bit from the 50+ initially listed.  They are as follows:

Avalanche Studios

Blitz Games Studios

Bohemia Interactive

CD Projekt RED

Climax Studios

Hello Games

Just Add Water (Developments), Ltd.

Deep Silver

Lucid Games Ltd


Ninja Theory Ltd

Nixxes Software BV

Paradox Interactive


Saber Interactive

Creative Assembly

IO Interactive

Starbreeze Studios

2K Games

Team 17 Digital LTD


Zen Studios

keen games

Splash Damage

Stainless Games Ltd

Sumo Digital


TT Games

A lot of big companies are still on board for making games for the system, though some projects, like Namco’s Dark Souls II, still aren’t quite 100 percent confirmed just yet.  We’ll likely get a better idea of what’s coming once E3 rolls around in a few months.

One thing you can expect, however, is a day one digital release for most major titles.  Sony started the strategy a while ago with the PlayStation 3, and have confirmed that the process will continue with the next-generation hardware.  However, here’s to hoping the hard drive is big enough, as games are slated to take up to 50 GB in space.

For that matter, let’s hope the connection speed moves along, too.  We don’t want to wait all day for the whole game to download…

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