Over the past few days, Sony has been releasing a number of cryptic cinematic ads featuring some strange characters making discoveries, and today is no different, as it revealed the third and final piece of the puzzle before the reveal date – 10/23/12 – rolls around.

But this one is a little bit clearer than the previous ads, The Reload and The Arrival.  This one actually features bits and pieces of weapons involving various PlayStation characters, including familiar tools of the trade featuring Sly Cooper and Kratos from God of War.  Which means…we could be looking at the unveiling of a huge ad campaign for Sony's forthcoming PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale.

We've included the clip here for you to watch, so you can try to figure it out for yourself.  But since it's called "The Aftermath", it indicates that a fight has taken place – a fight likely to have happened in PlayStation All Stars.

The beta's going now, and is ready to go public tomorrow – probably what the ad campaign is pointing out – so you can check out the game for yourself.  We'll let you know any breaking information that's revealed.

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale is set to release on November 20th for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.