Sony Debuting PlayStation Store Play 2013 Program, Starting July 23rd

Microsoft's Games of Summer isn't the only place to get some awesome downloads.

Not to be outdone by Microsoft’s yearly Games of Summer program – which kicks off in August – Sony has launched its own special series of downloadable games for the PlayStation Store.  Dubbed Play 2013, it will offer four digital releases starting on July 23rd, with reasonable discounts for PlayStation Plus subscribers – as well as the chance to get some money back.

The program kicks off on July 23rd with Stealth Inc: A Clone In the Dark, an entertaining platforming/stealth game with Cross Buy capabilities.  It’s priced at $9.99.  July 30th will bring Cloudberry Kingdom, a fun multiplayer romp with a random level generator.  It costs $9.99 as well.  August 6th will bring the independent platforming adventure Ibb & Obb, featuring various “double gravity” puzzles.  It’s also priced at $9.99.  Finally, August 13th will see the arrival of Capcom’s long-awaited DuckTales Remastered, featuring the return of Scrooge McDuck and his nephews.  It’ll cost $14.99.

As we stated, if you pre-order through PlayStation Plus, you’ll save 20 percent off each of these games.  However, if you buy two or more you’ll save even more money.  Buying two games gets you $3 back, snagging three will get you $6 and purchasing all four will bring in $10.


We’ll have more coverage of these games in the weeks ahead.  

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