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Sony Announces PlayStation 4 System For “Holiday 2013”

by Prima Games Staff

Sony ventured forward into the next generation of gaming, as planned, during a press conference Monday evening in New York City.

The company formally announced the PlayStation 4 system, though stopped just short of showing it off in physical form.  The system is currently being planned for holiday 2013 and features several new items integrated into it, including the option to “share” and live broadcast through the push of a button, which will open a vast door to the gaming community.  No more having to worry about a live cam set-up.

In addition, the controller was unveiled, featuring a headphone jack, built-in camera and other cool features.  And many games were unveiled, including the latest from Marble Madness creator Mark Cerny, a new Killzone game called Shadow Fall, the next Infamous game from Sucker Punch – a spin-off called Second Son, and some cool third-party projects, like Capcom’s Deep Down and Bungie’s Destiny.  A partnership with Blizzard has also been forged, which will bring Diablo III to the PS4 – and PS3 – very soon.

We’ll have a full breakdown of the games later today and analysis for months to come, including how the new touch-pad enabled controller will help you game for the better.  Be sure to check back for continued coverage and previews of upcoming games.  It’s going to be a bright future…

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