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Sniper Elite Publisher Snap Up Payday 2

by Prima Games Staff

505 Games, of Sniper Elite fame, has signed Payday 2.

Developer Overkill brought confirmation on its website today, stating that the team behind popular multiplayer FPS Payday: The Heist are creating the sequel.

The deal with 505 will apparently allow the Swedish dev team much more freedom to add some new surprises to the series.

“Players will be psyched to know that publisher 505 Games have joined the Payday crew!” reads the statement. “We know we found the best partner period.

“This new co-operation lets us be Overkill and lets us develop the Payday franchise in new fantastic directions long term. With the support and skill of 505 Games we are going to pull off heists on a scale never seen before!

“In the words of Dallas: Let’s do this!”

We have no clues yet as to what platforms the game will be released on.

News of a sequel was announced back n April, when Overkill revealed they were as busy as a busy thing “enhancing” the first title and a follow-up. The news came just after Syndicate dev Starbreeze revealed they were planning to buy the studio-pending shareholder agreement.