505 Games and the development team at Rebellion have announced that they are currently working on Sniper Elite III, a game that will continue to advance the themes of action, as you take on enemies in both close-range combat and from a distance, using a high-powered sniper rifle.

"Sniper Elite V2 has been a great success for us and we are thrilled to partner with Rebellion on Sniper Elite 3," said Ian Howe, president of 505 Games North America.  "Fans can look forward to the same heart-pounding action they have come to expect from a Sniper Elite game as well as refined gameplay and new features that will blow them away."

Sniper Elite III will also mark the first time that the series is making the jump into the next generation, as it's in the works for both PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's next-gen console.  It's coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and possibly the Wii U as well.

We'll have a first look at the game in the months ahead as 505 Games unveils more details.