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Sky Noon is Saddling Up for Steam Early Access

by Larryn Bell

In a partnership with Reverb Triple XP, independent game developer Lunar Rooster has announced that their Western-themed shooter Sky Noon will launch into Steam’s Early Access program during the second quarter of 2018. Described as a first-person multiplayer brawler, Sky Noon introduces players to a colorful Wild West setting that takes place high above the clouds.

Sky Noon Steam Early Access 2018

In Sky Noon, players slip into the boots of a gunslinger who’s been hired to eliminate opponents in a battle for precious resources. Shootouts take place on the Floating Frontier, a series of Western-themed islands that float high in the sky. 

Unlike most first-person shooter games, there are no health meters in Sky Noon. To eliminate enemies, players must use a variety of tools to try to pull enemies and knock them off the islands. Grappling hooks are used to traverse the floating isles, while lassos provide the means for pulling enemies and crates toward you. Crates contain a variety of compressed air weapons and mobility-based equipment to help aid you in battle, such as jump pads, jet boots, teleporters, and steam-powered jetpacks.

“Sky Noon really has that unique and elusive fun factor that’s hard to find in most multiplayer games and that’s a testament to the clear direction of fun design the Lunar Rooster development team has focused on when making Sky Noon,” said Ted Lange, Executive Producer for Reverb Triple XP. 

Lunar Rooster aims to launch Sky Noon into Steam’s Early Access program in Q2 2018. To get an idea of the aerial mayhem Sky Noon has in store, check out the official announcement trailer above.

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