Say 'Sul Sul' to a free copy of The Sims 4, because the wildly popular simulator game is free for a limited time on Origin. Snag a copy for yourself and it's yours to keep, but the offer is temporary so it's definitely something to take advantage of before the deal says 'Dag Dag'! 

Now's a great time to check out the game now that the Work-from-Home DLC is live on PC. Much like the Sims Get Famous expansion, players will also be given the option to go through select agencies when kickstarting their freelance career. Find a gig you like, select it, and then do everything in your power to kick butt, take names, and cite your sources. 

Some of the areas of expertise players can take part in includes art, writing, and programming freelance options. There's even new clothing options that they so lovingly called "home office chic." Of course the expansions themselves aren't free, but getting the base game by itself has more than enough to offer. If you like it, expand away! 

The Sims 4 free deal is going on now until May 28th through Origin's PC launcher. Since EA shelved their "On the House" program where they gifted gamers with free months, maybe the sudden burst of generosity means a new Sims game is in the works? We can dream! 

Ready to snag your copy? Grab yours here. You can also hit us with your best Woo Hoo stories over on Twitter @PrimaGames!