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Ah, freelancing. It's an incredibly fun way to build experience, but any gaming journalist will have at least one horror to share of weeping with  one hand clutching the keyboard and the other clutching a half-drunk beer (or something stronger). All kidding aside, The Sims 4 players will be able to get their own kind of freelancing experience - at least in-game - with an upcoming work-from-home update coming soon to the simulation game. 

Some of the Sims 4 dev team took to Twitch to outline what's coming next for players. "If you're familiar with the 'work from home' style careers that launched with City Living, it's got some elements of that," Producer Graham Nardone said. "You don't have to go to [an invisible in-game location], but it's not a full on 'active' career, where you have to go a destination either."

Much like the Sims Get Famous expansion, players will also be given the option to go through select agencies when kickstarting their freelance career. Find a gig you like, select it, and then do everything in your power to kick butt, take names, and cite your sources. 

Some of the areas of expertise players can take part in includes art, writing, and programming freelance options. There's even new clothing options that they so lovingly called "home office chic." 

At this time, the coming update later this month will only be available on PC through Origin, and there hasn't been any word as to when Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players can expect the same update. 

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