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SimCity Finally Getting Offline Single Player Mode

by Prima Games Staff

Ever since its release last year, many fans of EA’s latest edition of SimCity have been wondering if the game would ever get any sort of offline mode, allowing users to create their ideal utopia without having to contend with an online connection. With the game’s latest update, they’ll finally get their wish.

Maxis, the developer behind the title, has put up a new blog post talking about the addition of an offline mode, which is part of the forthcoming Update 10 for the game. General manager Patrick Buechner discussed the update, saying it would allow players to get into the game “anytime, anywhere” without the need of an online connection.

“In Update 10, you can still play solo in Regions on your own, or in Multiplayer with people from around the world. What’s new is the Single Player Mode, which allows you to play the game Offline by yourself,” he explained. “And because your saved games in this mode are stored locally, you can save and load to your heart’s content. Our team will be delivering a follow-up blog that will outline the full details in the near future so stay tuned.”

As for those who wish to stay online, Beuchner stated, “All of the benefits of being connected will remain including access to Multiplayer, the Global Market and Leaderboards. And all of your pre-existing saved cities and regions will still be accessible should you log-in to the Online game.”

No word when the update will launch, but it shouldn’t be too long.

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