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Silent Hills PT Available Again on PC for Halloween

by Liana Ruppert

Silent Hills P.T was an insanely spook teaser that gamers enjoyed on PlayStation back before it was officially cancelled in 2015. Konami’s move to cancel the Silent Hills PT left many horror fans understandably upset, including that of film connoisseur Guillermo del Toro who worked on the project alongside Hideo Kojima. Since then it has been made, remade, and made again and now it looks like it’s back one more time just in time for Halloween. 

Thanks to Artur Laczkowski, someone that is definitely no stranger to making these remakes, created a new one called P.T Emulation. According to the creator, this rendition is the most faithful yet and even includes the ending sequence that many may remember as well as the bathroom scene that scared the living crap out of me. 

It comes at a great time! With Resident 5 and 6 now on the Nintendo Switch and the confirmation that no new Silent Hill games are on the horizon, it’s just one more way fans can enjoy a beloved franchise despite how much Konami doesn’t seem to want us to. 

Ready to get your spoops on? You can download the Silent Hills PT emulation right here on PC.

Have any other scary games in the plan for this Halloween? What other spooky stories are you looking forward to diving back into? Hit us up with your best Halloween tales over on Twitter @PrimaGames! For those that celebrate, have a safe and happy Halloween! 

Liana Ruppert

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