In a bit of “maybe I should switch to the other version” news, Konami has announced that a patch for its flawed Silent Hill HD Collection for PlayStation 3 has been released.  It’s a patch that addresses a number of the framerate and audio-sync issues that haunted the game, and it’s sure to please a few fans.

However, if you’re expecting a similar patch on the Xbox 360, we’ve got some bad news.  Konami has stated that, due to technical issues and resource problems with development, the Xbox 360 version won’t be receiving such a patch.  Instead, Konami has prompted unhappy users to call its customer service team instead.

“Konami apologizes to any players who are continuing to experience these issues on the Xbox 360 sku,” they said in a statement.

Honestly, this is not a smart move.  I mean, if a game’s broken, you SHOULD fix it, right?  Especially if people spent money on it.

Oh well.  When’s Zone of the Enders HD Collection coming out again…?  Oh yeah, this fall.