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Showtime’s Halo TV Series Could Include Location, Story, and Ethnicity Changes

by Liana Ruppert

With Black Mirror director Otto Bathurst at the helm for the upcoming Showtime Halo TV series, it looks like the show that has seen quite a few setbacks since it was first announced is finally ready to get the ball rolling. From changing hands, to differences in creative perspective, the Halo Showtime series has been a rocky road thus far. Luckily for fans of the Xbox franchise, new details have surfaced about the upcoming show detailing what we might be able to expect coming down the pipeline. 

During a recent panel at Reboot Develop, the studio behind Halo talked a little bit about the upcoming show. 343 Industries executive producer Kiki Wolfkill opened up about the series saying that the Showtime crew is respecting the canon franchise gamers know and love, though fans should brace for a few key changes. At the end of the day, she mentioned, that they need to do what makes sense in a series format, and that might require a few adjustments. 

One aspect that Wolfkill mentioned is Master Chief in particular. We never saw his face, technically, in the games and she added that this level of mystery doesn’t necessarily work in a TV show. She jokingly added that having a mask on during shower scenes might be a little weird, so fans of the games should brace to actually see a face belonging to a legend, and that this face might not match up to gamer expectations through the years. 

She added, “We may shift dates, locations, or enthnicity of characters” and while they know they can’t please everyone, they’re going to do all they can to honor the fanbase and what this franchise means to the gaming community. 

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