Sharpen Your Skills In Overwatch 2’s Hero Mastery Mode

You can only play Hero Mastery mode by yourself.

Blizzard Entertainment has announced Hero Mastery mode for its shooter Overwatch 2. The new mode is meant to help players sharpen their skills with a few different characters.

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Hero Mastery mode is a new single-player mode that’ll have you race through maps filled with bots, obstacles, and jump pads. Currently, the only playable characters in this mode are Mercy, Reinhardt, and Tracer, but you can play as Sojourn and Winston later this season. Each time you play, your score will be determined by how fast you complete the course, the number of bots you’ve destroyed, and how many emblems you collect along the way.

As you race through the map, you’ll encounter three types of robots. The first one will be Tank bots. As the name suggests, these can take more damage than the others. Other bots will include Rocket Bots, which can “shoot projectiles that will deal significant burst damage,” and the last type will be Sniper Bots, which can often be found away from the battlefield.

Each hero will come with their own set of courses to complete, and if you want to participate in the Agents courses, you’ll first need to complete the Recruit courses with at least a three-star rating. If you complete all three courses with a specific character, you’ll unlock the following: Player Icon, an exclusive Name Card, and bonus Battle Pass XP. Those who play Hero Mastery mode from now until September 25 are eligible to earn an exclusive weapon charm, souvenir, spray, and title.

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