Select Bethesda Games Will Be Getting 60 FPS Enhancements on Xbox Series X

A Bethesda title, with good framerate?

A lot of news has been circulating about Microsoft acquiring Bethesda this week. As the deal officially closed earlier this week, we’ve heard a lot about the plan for Bethesda moving forward.

Select Bethesda Games Will Be Getting 60 FPS Enhancements on Xbox Series X

Phil Spencer has talked about exclusive games, new additions to Xbox Game Pass that launched today, and so much more. Well, now during Major Nelson’s podcast we got even more information about specific Bethesda titles.

During the podcast, Major Nelson states that Prey, Skyrim Special Edition, Dishonored Definitive Edition, Fallout 74, and Fallout 4 will be receiving backward compatibility enhancements for the Xbox Series X. 

These new enhancements will allow the games to run at a smooth 60 FPS, which is greatly needed for some of those games.

One of the biggest complaints about the Fallout franchise on consoles is the inconsistency in the frame rate when walking through highly dense and p[opuylated environments. This new enhancement will be a literal game-changer for those playing on the Xbox Series X and further leverage the power of Xbox Game Pass.

There is no current date set for when this will happen, but it’s something for Microsoft fans to look forward to. This seems to be just the beginning of what Microsoft has in store when it comes to leveraging the new Bethesda ownership. 

What do you think? Are you going to give these games a try when they receive their enhancements? Be sure to let us know on the official Prima Games Twitter ande Facebook pages. 

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You can check out the Major Nelson show below to listen to this announcement for yourself.


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