Big game companies seem to be collaborating a lot more as of late, between Sega crossing over with Virtua Fighter 5 for Dead Or Alive 5 (Akira, anyway) and Capcom teaming up with Namco for Street Fighter x Tekken.  Now it seems an even bigger superpower has formed for an upcoming Nintendo 3DS project.

Namco, Capcom and Sega have all combined their efforts for an upcoming title called “Project X Zone”. First revealed by Famitsu, the project will have characters battling each other in epic role-playing fashion, teaming up in pairs to do major damage.  As expected, the game features characters from various franchises across the three publishers.  Here are the known inclusions thus far:

Ryu and Ken (Street Fighter)

X and Zero (Mega Man)

Demitri and Dante (Darkstalkers, Devil May Cry)

Chris and Jill (Resident Evil)

Shinguji Sakura and Ogami Ichiro (Sakura Wars)

Pai and Akira (Virtua Fighter)

Kurt and Riela (Valkyria Chronicles)

Ulala and Touma (Space Channel 5, Shining Force EXA)

Sanger Somvoid (Super Robot Wars)

Jin and Ling Xiaoyu (Tekken)

Kos-Mos and T-elos (Xenosaga)

Yurie and Estei (Tales of Vesperia)

Kaito and Black Rose (.hack)

More characters are expected to be introduced with the project, along with a storyline that smoothly ties them all together.  Look for the game sometime later this year.