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Sea of Thieves Season One Kicks Off January 28

by Jesse Vitelli

Today, the pirate adventure game Sea of Thieves announced its plans for the future. The focal point revolves around seasons, which is a fairly common thing for live-service games today. 

Sea of Thieves Season One Kicks Off January 28

Season one kicks off on January 28 and will last approximately three months. What does Season one bring to the game, though, and how will it change Sea of Thieves’ future? 

The Sea of Thieves website dives into more detail.

“Seasonal content is free for all Sea of Thieves pirates to play, and its progression system offers a treasure trove of rewards to earn as you progress through levels of Renown – rewards ranging from in-game currency through to cosmetics, emotes and even Ancient Coins to spend in the Pirate Emporium! There will also be an optional premium element to Seasons via the Plunder Pass, which we’ve explained in its very own article. Access to Seasons will not be gated through this Pass, and as is the case with all our updates, the Seasons updates will be free for all players.”

Progression is built around any way you want to play. Whether you’re a player that plays in short sessions or someone who roams the high-seas for hours on end, you’ll always earn some form of progression for the season.

Season One will also bring Trials to the game. A myriad of different categories to test your adventuring, exploring, and battling capabilities. These Deeds will have in-game rewards for completing them and regularly refresh alongside live-events in the world.

You can read more about how seasons will change Sea of Thieves moving forward here.

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