Bandai Namco’s entrance into next-gen is Scarlet Nexus, an action title from the God Eater team that’s centered on psychic powers. Long without an official release date, Bandai Namco finally settled on June 25, 2021.

And, along with the release date, an Anime adaptation set to air around the same time was revealed.

Scarlet Nexus Release Date and Anime Revealed in New Trailer

The trailer, which you can watch above, is largely a character focus on Kasane, one of the playable characters with a big role in the story. We see other characters too and their distinct fighting styles, and some teases of dramatic moments from the story. The release date just kind of sneaks in there!

If you want to see the trailer with its original Japanese voice acting, you can check the trailer out on Bandai Namco’s European channel. The United States version features the English dub. We also get a peek at some of the inevitable Collector’s Edition releases for Europe, while the USA video only shows a preorder bonus.

Europe’s trailer also includes a teaser for a Scarlet Nexus anime, produced by Sunrise (Mobile Suit Gundam) and set for a Summer 2021 release. The USA trailer mentions the anime in the description but the footage was chopped off into a separate video. Why is YouTube like this?

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Anyway, let us know what you think of Scarlet Nexus and all this news over at Prima Games’ Twitter and Facebook feeds.