Santa Sena Border is Finally Fixed in MW2

An explosive change is here.

Santa Sena Border Crossing MW2
Image via Activision.

The Santa Sena Border Crossing map has finally been saved in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and for the first time since its release in October, players might stay on the map. Exploding cars was always the biggest issue, and that worry has been removed from sight.

Vehicle Explosions Removed From Santa Sena Border Crossing MW2

The vehicles scattered around the Santa Sena Border Crossing map will no longer explode in Modern Warfare 2. Each vehicle can still take damage, but there is no longer any chance of damaging players.

This change was made in the Season 4 Reloaded update that went live on July 12. Players have been calling for the change to be made for months and Infinity Ward eventually listened to the major complaints.

Santa Sena Border Crossing is a narrow map that is full of vehicles a road. This road takes up the majority of the map, with smaller paths on the sides. With dozens of vehicles all over the road, it was common to get killed by explosions a few times in each match. Players started spamming grenades and launchers as soon as the match would begin.

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On modes like Search and Destroy, the vehicles even respawn with each new round. That means the attacking side would have to wait to push every single time, or risk being eliminated by one of the vehicles.

Eventually, players stopped playing the map at any point, and I even experienced plenty of lobbies where the players enter and leave. Matches either take too long to start when Santa Sena appears in MW2, or players leave as the match begins. Hopefully, this change will get players to stay on one of the most divisive maps in the franchise.

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