Sandwich Lady Smites Her Foes in Upcoming RuneScape Crossover

Do you know what it feels like to be smote by a baguette?

Smite and RuneScape Collab
Image via Jagex

Ah, the RuneScape’s Sandwich Lady. The infamous woman would offer you a selection of random baked goods and brutally assault you with a baguette if you chose the incorrect one to take.

She’s sure got fire in her belly, making her the perfect RuneScape non-playable character to represent the upcoming RuneScape and SMITE collaboration.

This upcoming collaboration will begin on October 24, 2023. The original was so well received that they will be bringing back the Gnome Child, King Black Dragon, and the Wise Old Man skins, as well as introducing the General Graardor, Black Plate Bellona, and Sandwich Lady skins.

All former crossover RuneScape Skins will be in a RuneScape chest along with NEW RuneScape crossover skins and bundles! You are able to direct purchase the new skins or roll them from the chest! Any three RuneScape crossover event purchases will unlock the Black Plate Bellona Reward Skin!

Hi-Rez Studios, October 2023.

If this event has you jumping into Smite for the first time, there are also RuneScape capes that can be unlocked and worn with the RuneScape skins. Each cape has a unique unlock that you will have to grind towards. After all, it wouldn’t be RuneScape themed without a bit of grinding now, would it? Reddit user HiRezRabbit produced a handy table that illustrates all requirements for the capes.

There is currently no announced end date for the event, but it is still a good idea to get in there and collect the RuneScape skins. With six now to obtain, there’s no time like the present to unlock them all and adorn them with any of the above RuneScape capes.

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