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Samurai Warriors 5 Brings a New Style and Setting to Consoles in July

by Lucas White

During the Nintendo Direct earlier this year, Koei Tecmo made a couple of cool announcements. One such reveal was Samurai Warriors 5, the latest in Dynasty Warriors’ younger sibling series. For this entry, Omega Force is changing things up with a new time period, new visual effects and new character designs. Previously given a Summer 2021 release window, Koei Tecmo has now confirmed a July 27 release date for PS4, Xbox One, PC and the Nintendo Switch. 

Typically set a bit later on in the world of its hyper-romanticized feudal Japan, Samurai Warriors 5 rewinds the clock a little to the Sengoku era. Because of this change Omega Force has created new character designs, perhaps most notably a much younger Oda Nobunaga. Our pointy-haired, often demonic problematic warlord fav is now oddly sexy in a way we haven’t been able to digest just yet. 

The new storyline kicks off just after the Ōnin War, and focuses on Nobunaga along with Mitsuhide Akechi. These two will lead a roster of 27 characters, some of which Koei Tecmo says will be new for the series. This includes an original Kōga Ninja character named Mitsuki.

We’ll learn more about Samurai Warriors 5 in the next few months, and it’s notable that we haven’t quite arrived at the true next-gen debut for the Musou franchise. That said, if the last couple of outings from Omega Force (Age of Calamity and Persona 5 Strikers) are any indication, we’re in the middle of a hot streak. A refresh of Samurai Warriors may be exactly what that series needs to be a part of it.

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