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Samurai Shodown’s Xbox Series X/S Update Launches in March

by Lucas White

SNK announced last year, that a new update would be coming to its Samurai Shodown reboot. Previously released on last-gen platforms across the board (even the Switch!), Samurai Shodown is being outfitted for maximum shine for the Xbox Series X/S platforms.

That update has a release date now, which is currently set for March 16, 2021. But while folks who already own Samurai Shodown for the Xbox One don’t have to worry too much about it, there will be options for newcomers as well. Or collectors, as Koch Media will be publishing a new physical release!

Samurai Shodown’s Xbox Series X/S Update Launches in March

If you already have Samurai Shodown for your previous gen Xbox One platform of choice, this update (DLC and all if you own that) will beam right to what you already own thanks to Microsoft’s Smart Delivery feature. And if you’re playing on a Xbox Series X, the update will allow Samurai Shodown to run at 120 frames per second. If your display supports that, of course.

If you don’t have the game, Samurai Shodown for Xbox Series X/S will get a new physical release from Koch Media. The price will be the full $59.99, which is also what the digital version will be offered for.

That said, as an added bonus for customers, the physical release will include Samurai Shodown’s first DLC Season Pass and the upcoming roster addition, Cham Cham. Samurai Shodown is nearing its Season Three launch, so you’ll have to catch up on your own after that.

A new trailer was also released which you can peep above, along with a new video message from Samurai Shodown director Hayato Konya. Check that out:

Are you excited to check out Samurai Shodown on Xbox Series X? Do you have a monitor that can support the 120 fps option? Or are you waiting for other options? What about newcomers looking in from the outside? Let us know what your take on this news is over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!