RYSE: Son of Rome Walkthrough – The Wrath of Nemesis

Find all of the hidden collectibles in the seventh level of RYSE: Son of Rome.

The Wrath of Nemesis

Walk down the path and head to the left as soon as you can. Continue to hug the left side until you see a dead Roman solider with a man huddled over him. Examine the body to discover a SCROLL. Head back the way you came and then continue to the left, making your way through the area. When you see a ramp to the right, continue in that direction, then make a right again and jump down to the path below.

Just behind the crate in front of you is a CHRONICLE. Grab the item and then climb back up to the platform you were just standing on. Continue forward, climbing up to the next level, then head right to climb up even higher. Head down the alley to the left and into the arena to do battle with a few unsavory soldiers.

Defeat the soldiers, then climb up where the tapestry is and make your way up the stairs. When you reach the very top, take a left, then turn right into the narrow corridor. Continue straight until you reach the courtyard and battle several more soldiers. Defeat the soldiers, then head to the corner of the courtyard to find a small hidden area. Jump over the empty planter to find a CHRONICLE.

Head up the series of white platforms in the courtyard, then up the set of ladders at the top. Use the scorpio to take down the archers, then head around to the outside of the platform and down the ramp into the area below. Several more soldiers attack, so take them down, then head across the watery center of the area and up the stairs to the left.

When you reach the top of the stairs, make a right and continue through the iron gate. Move to the right as soon as you pass through the gate to find another CHRONICLE. Head past the statue and climb up the wall where the blue cloth lays. Continue to climb until you initiate the brief cinematic with the dead bodies.

Drop down and search the bodies on the right to find another SCROLL. Continue through the pile of bodies, then climb up the wall. To the right is another VISTA shield. Head past the shield and to the left. Continue forward until you pass under the hanging dead bodies. Do not proceed to the right where the progression indicator is telling you to go. Instead, head just beyond that entrance to the tent on the left. Inside the tented area in the far left corner is another SCROLL.

Head across the way and up the stairs, into your villa. After watching another cinematic, you must battle three sets of gladiators in the arena. The first two sets are normal enemies, but the third set features the champions. The best strategy against the champions is to use strong Y attacks to stun them, then attack with several X strikes until they can be executed. Be prepared to deflect attacks from the champion you’re not actively attacking. They attack three times in a row despite deflecting, and the last attack must be dodged.

Once the champions are down, the arena begins to lower. Stand in the center and circle the camera around until the door appears. As soon as you see the door, head to the opposite side to find a VISTA shield on the wall. You must be quick if you want to grab the vista before the next cinematic begins.

Follow the path around to the right, then head to the right just past the cage. Off to the left here is another VISTA shield laying on the ground in the dark. The vista is near a bench that’s sitting next to the wall. Move in the opposite direction of the bench and you’ll see a spool of white rope to the right. Head over to the rope, then move to the left. When you reach the grate on the ground, turn right, then make another right and follow the path to the end to find a CHRONICLE.

Turn around and head back the way you came. When you reach the grate on the ground, head to the right and then up the stairs. After your introduction as a gladiator, head down the stairs ahead, then up the stairs to the platform on the left. At the top of the platform is another VISTA shield.

Head down into the arena and the Barbarians will attack. Fend off the first wave of Barbarians. Immediately to the far left around the edge of the boat is a dead body on the ground. If you examine the body you’ll find another SCROLL. You can do this during the battle or after you’ve defeated the first wave of Barbarians.

There are quite a few Barbarians in the arena. Most are normal enemies, but the ones with bear masks must be stunned with a strong Y attack before you can inflict much damage. Once the first wave is down, head forward to the scorpio and attack the red glowing wood to the left. When the wood ignites, head past it and up the ramp. Climb up to the higher platform where the red square is marked.

Several more Barbarians await your arrival. Take out the lesser enemies first, then focus on the bear-headed Barbarian. Defeat them, then continue up the next ramp and around to the right side. Climb over the two stone blocks to find another CHRONICLE on the ground just beyond.

Hop back over the stone blocks and head to the torch across the way to light the victory brazier. Proceed down the ramp, but do not drop into the area below just yet. You still have more collectibles to find. Head around the right side of the enclosed foliage ahead. Just around the corner is another CHRONICLE hidden in the brush.

Drop down by the blue cloth and continue all the way down to the ground level. Head across the water and around the edge of the area, ignoring the archers for the time being. You must make almost a full circle around your men until you see blue cloth to the right. Climb up where the blue cloth is located. Circle around and use the pilums to take down the archers.

Turn around and head across the newly formed path, then climb up where the blue cloth indicates. In the next area, two sets of Barbarians attack, followed by an attack from your own men. Take down all of the enemies, then head for the glowing yellow cauldron. Press Y to ignite the aqueduct and engage in battle with Commodus.

Commodus attacks with several red flashing strikes and two normal strikes. You can deflect all of them, leaving Commodus open to attack, but the timing of the red attacks varies, so be careful when you try to deflect them. The shield bash is quick, while the spinning strike is slower and requires different timing to deflect it.

Once you have Commodus down to roughly half life, several clones spawn. These are normal enemies and can be defeated with ease. When only one remains, the fight against Commodus resumes until he is once again down to roughly half life. At this point he uses poison to gain an advantage. Block the attacks of the two Commodus clones that spawn to automatically execute them. When only Commodus remains, he regains full life again, but this time he can finally be killed. Defeat Commodus to view a lengthy cinematic and complete the level!

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