RuneScape Will Have Players Rise from the Dead with the New Necromancy Skill

Will Necromancy take your Necrofancy?

RuneScape players have waited patiently for the long-awaited new skill reveal and it seems that it was worth the wait. Jagex absolutely delivered with the announcement of Necromancy, and we’ve now been able to see a first look into the new skill. There are many enjoyable things to do whilst playing RuneScape, but I dare say one of the most popular is grinding skills to whichever goal takes your fancy. Be it a solitary 99, max cape, level 120, or 200 million XP. The grind is serious. So, when a new skill is announced, there is always a buzz around what it will be. Keep reading to find out what we know so far about Necromancy – RuneScape’s 29th skill.

What Do We Know About the New RuneScape Skill Necromancy?

Jagex has provided us with a first look into the new Necromancy skill and there is something immediately different and exciting about it. Necromancy will be the first new combat skill. Since the beginning, the combat triangle has existed of melee, magic, and ranged. Now, a newcomer exists to shake things up. Necromancy will exist outside of the combat triangle and, on top of this, will be the first combat skill that players can level to 120. This means that the new maximum total level will now be 152. Wow!

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Necromancy will be a skill that consists of two components. The first will consist of using Necromancy in combat. Players will be able to duel wield Necromancy weapons. The main hand being the standard weapon, and the off-hand being an item that summons the dead to help the player during battle. Magic is entwined into the combat with new spells known as Incantations, and new Necrotic Runes being used to enhance combat. Good news for Runecrafters!

The second, known as Rituals, is a way to level up Necromancy outside of combat. There are a total of twelve rituals which the player will complete, as well as associated random events. Located in the City of Um, players will train by attracting spirits to release into the Well of Souls and be rewarded with the necessary materials for the Necrotic Runes, combat, and additional equipment.

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There will be a Talent system for Necromancy. A way to unlock new abilities in the skill. These are unlocked by collecting points through combat. These points are then spent on the talent tree. There will be a total of eight tiers to complete as the skill is leveled. Whilst the unlocks do branch in multiple directions and there is no option to undo your selection, you will be able to eventually unlock every skill with enough points and so nothing will become unobtainable.

How is the Necromancy Skill Unlocked?

Similar to that of previous skills, Necromancy will be initially unlocked as part of a quest chain that both serves to be the catalyst that unlocks the skill for the player whilst educating them regarding how the components of the skill work. The quest chain will follow on from the current Fort Forinthry line. There will be two Necromancy bosses that will be available along the way. Both will be able to be killed solo and will not require a group in order to progress through the skill.

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When Will the New Necromancy Skill Be Released?

With the recent exciting information regarding RuneScape’s new Necromancy skill. It is no wonder that eager players are wondering just when they will be able to start leveling the new combat skill. Sadly, we are no closer to knowing an exact date at the time of writing. Necromancy is still slated for 2023. It does already look fantastic and a breath of fresh air for RuneScape combat, so Jagex can take a little while longer to polish it before release.

Until then, there are so many other things that can occupy your time in RuneScape. Have you considered working towards the Golden Cape yet? What better way to show off your RuneScape ability than equipping yourself in literal gold. Kaching!

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