RuneScape Indicates that Necromancy Will Be a Lore Heavy Skill with New Story Insights

The dead sure do have a lot to say.

RuneScape Necromancy Hermod

Jagex promised that as the release date for Necromancy draws near, they will continue to provide both updates and new information on the skill. They have stayed true to their word and today have released information on the heavy lore that surrounds the new Necromancy skill.

Necromancy Will Be a Holistic Skilling Experience

Jagex has stated that Necromancy is a skill like no other. With nine quests based on the skill alone providing story and context, it is clear that Necromancy is the first RuneScape skill that has been developed in such an ambitious manner.

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There Will Be Many New Faces in Gielinor

Interesting characters with significant impact on the story are so important for a compelling and immersive experience. We have learned more about who we will be dealing with when Necromancy is upon us.

  • Rasial, an ancient being who is known as the First Necromancer. Rasial wants to remove death from the world. Lurking in the shadows whilst preparing for this moment, he is now ready to attempt to change Gielinor at all costs.
  • The Last Apprentice, that’s you. You have been asked by Death to save the day. You will even be trained under Rasial himself to develop your Necromancy skills. Interesting to be trained under who you want to ultimately defeat.
  • Malignius Mortifer, your first Necromancy trainer.
  • Ted, a skeletal local who acts as the guide for the City of Um.
  • Hermod, a spirit of war, born during the wars of the Third Age, who acts as Rasial’s bodyguard.

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A New Take on Necromancy

The traditional view of Necromancy involves raising the dead and often controlling them. The Necromancy skill differs from this as it focuses on the energy surrounding Necromancy itself. This will take two vastly different forms.

  • Necrotic energy: Energy siphoned to your weapon, which is purple in color and produces devastating attacks.
  • Underworld energy: Energy siphoned to your spirit lantern, which is green in color and raises the dead to attack alongside you.

Delving into the Necromancy still will have you not only interacting with the interesting cast of characters, deep diving into lore via quest, and enjoying a unique battle system, but also leveling up the skill with the multifaceted approach that has been common with skills that RuneScape have produced as of late. I don’t know about you but I am incredibly excited for August 7!

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