With THQ recently announcing bankruptcy and the possible sales of some assets, it looks like there's already an interested party that could be stepping up to publish future projects.

According to a report from MCV, Ubisoft is showing keen interest in snagging the company's key assets for a price.  They're currently in talks with the company to acquire them, though it's not certain what Clearlake Capital Group, the team investing in THQ following its bankruptcy, is doing about the matter.

The "lengthy discussions" are taking place, but Ubisoft might wait and see if properties could be picked up for a cheaper price.

The news following THQ's bankruptcy has been making waves, with Jason Rubin reinstating that games would continue to be in production.  But not everyone is making positive notes on the matter, as WWE, who has a series of wrestling games through the company, feels that they're owed money – to the tune of $45 million – for their end of the deal.  No word yet on how that's coming along.

Again, the Ubisoft/THQ news is rumor, so take it for what it's worth.  But this would be an interesting partnership.  THQbisoft?