Angry Birds has made Rovio a whopping amount of money, and for good reason, as it's one of the most accessible franchises in years.  But for its latest release in the series, they're doing something a little bit differently -- they're sympathizing with the pigs.  Yes, you heard that correctly.

The company will be releasing a new game called Bad Piggies for Android, iOS, PC and Mac on September 27th.  In the game, you're actually going to help the pigs out for a change, as they go along in a series of stages collecting stars, while players help them out using vehicles that they actually put together.  Though gameplay hasn't been revealed for the title just yet, Rovio did put together a humorous teaser animation, which you can find here, to get you in the mood for the Piggies' wrath.

We'll talk more about the game in the weeks ahead, so be sure to check back to "hog" all the details.