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Roki is Coming to Nintendo Switch on October 15

by Morgan Shaver

If you’ve seen the trailer for Roki and have longed to play the game on Nintendo Switch, we have some good news. On social media, Roki developer Polygon Treehouse announced that the game is not only releasing on Switch, but it’ll be available starting on October 15! 

Roki is Coming to Nintendo Switch on October 15

Roki first released on July 23 for PC platforms like GOG and Steam to a number of positive reviews. Gamers quickly fell in love with Roki’s story, setting, characters, and aesthetic. For some, playing a game like Roki on a platform like Nintendo Switch is ideal.

In that instance, hearing that Roki is scheduled to release on Nintendo Switch on October 15 is magical news. Polygon Treehouse confirmed the Nintendo Switch release date today on social media, and the game’s page is now live on the Nintendo eShop

Roki will be $19.99 (USD) on Nintendo Switch with a file size of 1.8 GB. In addition to Nintendo Switch, there have been hints indicating that Roki may release on PlayStation 4 as well.

For those wondering whether Roki is worth checking out, the game was developed by talented individuals at Polygon Treehouse.

The studio was co-founded by Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou who previously worked as a Senior Artist for Sony Computer Entertainment and as an Art Director for Guerrilla Cambridge, and Tom Jones, a former Art Director at Guerrilla Games. 

On the eShop page for Roki, the game is described as follows: 

“Röki is an adventure game inspired by Scandinavian folklore; a dark contemporary fairy tale underpinned by a touching narrative, alluring art style, ancient puzzles and atmospheric exploration.

We join Tove on a fantastical journey to save her family. A journey that takes her deep into a hidden and long forgotten world of lost folklore filled with strange locations and even stranger creatures.

Explore the ancient wilderness, solve its mysteries, save your family in this modern adventure game for all.” 

We adored Roki when we played it back in July and highly recommend checking it out on Nintendo Switch on October 15. You can wishlist Roki on the eShop ahead of its release, or if you’d rather play on PC, you can purchase the game on Steam and GOG right now. 

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